Butler Hospital

Welcomed by Butler Hospital and Patricia Ryan Recupero, JD, MD, President and CEO, to work with the firm of Yoder + Tidwell Ltd. in the on-going effort to expand, renovate and restore the collection of buildings comprising the Butler Campus. We have provided comprehensive interior design consulting through Yoder + Tidwell, Ltd. relative to the development of the new Senior Treatment Center and Intensive Treatment Unit in the new Lippitt Building, and relative to the renovations within the historic and the Delmonico buildings of the Butler Campus.

Using traditional materials of plaster, wood, and stone we restored the grandeur of the original complex while creating familiarity and warmth within the “institutional” settings of an in-patient psychiatric facility. We have incorporated artistry into the fabric and texture of walls, working with local fabric artists and painters to bring depth, creativity, and humanity to interior spaces of this very significant mental health center.