River’s Edge

River’s Edge is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional New England waterfront cottage. The extraordinary site becomes center stage as one moves through the entrance sequence to the Screen Porch suspended above the waterfront. Within all of the convention is a subtext of the sublime: the sweeping rooflines integrate the slope of the site into […] Read more »

Old Westport Farm

Old Westport Farm is a 175-acre Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) farm located along a river feeding directly into the Atlantic Ocean. We designed a compact property core, including Main House, Greenhouse, Guest House, Wine Shed and Gardens, within the APR restricted footprint for new construction. In addition to the collection of structures comprising the Main […] Read more »


Perched is the story of an old cottage sited atop a ledge outcropping overlooking the ocean. studio2sustain was invited to help turn this abandoned shell into a habitable, efficient and sustainable coastal structure. Working around exposed timber frames, a dirt crawl space, and an exposed wood interior with an eccentric profile we carefully transitioned Perched […] Read more »


Bruce Rocha of Fischer & Rocha, Inc. hired us to design a vision of a Laundromat that captured the spirit of a Belizean shore where women (and men) gathered to wash clothes, socialize, and come together as a community. Working with a local landscape painter, Michael Rogovsky, we created a seaside setting for laundry and […] Read more »

Healthcare for Women

ealthcare for Women is a large city-based medical practice that expanded into the surrounding region. We created a sophisticated medical center within a building shell of a small commercial mall. Using efficient design strategies, classical motifs, and fine finishes, we maximized natural light, ventilation, and mezzanine spaces, and created an elegant office for six practitioners, […] Read more »

Ocean’s Edge

Surrounded by the ocean on three sides, this house was constructed on a very restricted site that once contained two dilapidated summer cottages with failed septic systems. This coastal town eliminated two significant pollution sources and allowed us to design a new house within the footprint of the old cottages. Each floor is a room […] Read more »

Westport Rivers Winery

Early in our career we contributed to the development of a newly established winery in southeastern New England. Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery emerged from an old farm of fields and structures. We renovated the original farmhouse into the central winery Store, Tasting Bar, and Gallery for this comprehensive winery and arts center. The fields […] Read more »

Southcoast Primary Care

Dr. Caldas had a vision of a family practice where patients experienced the warmth of a home in the context of sophisticated medical procedures. We created that new home for the family practice of Dr. Caldas using vernacular residential materials inside and out. We maximized the potential of a very small site along Route 6 […] Read more »

Butler Hospital

Welcomed by Butler Hospital and Patricia Ryan Recupero, JD, MD, President and CEO, to work with the firm of Yoder + Tidwell Ltd. in the on-going effort to expand, renovate and restore the collection of buildings comprising the Butler Campus. We have provided comprehensive interior design consulting through Yoder + Tidwell, Ltd. relative to the […] Read more »


Beachside is the story of childhood sweethearts returning to their beachside community and childhood “cape” to retire and celebrate a new life with a “new” house. studio2sustain was hired to significantly renovate an existing cape, within the foundation of the existing house. We captured the clients’ love of the ocean, the casual coastal lifestyle, and […] Read more »