Found Objects

The art of found objects; an anchor, a stone and a bolt. Commissioned to create a setting for a family artifact by the legendary boat designer L. Francis Herreshoff, we sought to capture and celebrate  an honorable New England heritage of craft, innovation, beauty and practicality. We chose the raw materials of granite and a stainless […] Read more »


Desiring a statement that speaks to heritage, permanence, innovation, and the beauty of age, studio2sustain was engaged to design a mailbox that celebrates modernity in the context of history for a client that recently purchased a contemporary home in a coastal New England village. Using contemporary materials juxtaposed with an ancient granite slab and the […] Read more »


Created by sculptor John Magnan, “Habitat” is a stainless steel sculpture that celebrates the eelgrass habitats of Buzzards Bay that are so critical to the life of our Bay. In partnership with Buzzards Bay Coalition, “Habitat” inspires environmental awareness, fosters ocean literacy and a creative conversation about the environment and our role in ensuring a […] Read more »

Spiral Rope

Created by sculptor Anastasia Azure, “Spiral Rope” is an heroic effort to use reclaimed fishing line from the New Bedford fleet to weave a sculpture that, literally, celebrates conservation, inspires ocean literacy, and ignites a spirit to act on behalf of our oceans – her beauty, her vulnerability, and her resources. Inspired by the work […] Read more »