Collaborating Partners

studio2sustain inc values innovation and collaboration. We acknowledge that complex challenges require team efforts and we work to orchestrate a culture of collaboration and innovation with our associated collaborating partners. studio2sustain is a professional atelier – a workshop where innovators share ideas and work together on projects that promote sustainability leadership.

Storey Duff

Storey Duff, Senior Consultant, Social Media and Events
Growing up in New Bedford, Massachusetts I was never far from the ocean. I spent my summers on and in Buzzards Bay. After graduating from New Bedford Public Schools, my love of the oceans, environment, and desire to explore the unfamiliar lead me to Halifax, Nova Scotia and Dalhousie University. While studying at Dalhousie University I discovered economics and quickly became fascinated with economic and sustainable development.

My ardors for exploration lead me to New Zealand where I studied abroad at the University of Otago. Upon graduating from Dalhousie University I returned to New Bedford to work towards preserving my beloved Bay as a Development Assistant at the Buzzards Bay Coalition. As an ode to my nautical roots I am building a Shellback Dinghy. So for now I have returned home and find myself immersed in everything I love; boats, sustainability, and Buzzards Bay.

Cotuit Solar

Cotuit Solar has been in business since 1988 as a full service, locally based contractor, renowned in the community for our expertise and quality. We provide complete turnkey services including: system design, energy needs analyses, economic feasibility studies, installation, and commissioning. Customer service is our top priority and we would like to earn your business:

Megan Kalkstein

Megan Kalkstein, Founder & Director, ASK, After School Kitchens
ASK will be a non-profit organization that provides after-school culinary education that inspires creative and healthy eating, fostering a culture of healthy minds, healthy bodies, and self-confidence.

ASK provides middle school and high school students with the skills to prepare healthy foods and the knowledge to understand the role of nutrition in the foods we prepare and consume.

Students work in a collaborative manner with a creative program that teaches whole foods nutrition through hands-on project-based activities appropriate to the age, heritage, and nutritional resources of the community.

Michael Rogovsky, painter

Michael Rogovsky is a recognized artist with works in private collections as well as in the collections of the University of Maryland and Rutger’s University.

His paintings and murals are beautiful creations that will complement any setting. View Michael’s paintings on his website:


Anastasia Azure, sculptor

Anastasia Azure combines textile techniques, traditional metalsmithing and contemporary materials to create sculpture. She is intrigued by the intersection of art, geometry and science.

She completed her MFA in Textiles at Rhode Island School of Design in 2011. Presently she resides in Providence, working as an interdisciplinary teaching artist and jewelry designer:

Susan Mohl Powers

My solo exhibition at the Squibb Headquarters  87 ft. by 67 ft. gallery in 1979 was reviewed by the New York Times under the title “Blending Science and Art.”  Art that solves problems has been my thirty-four year story.

Exploring all these years the structures of convex polygons and planar nets, mathematical principles have become embedded in all my art.   Visit website: