TEDx Fenway

studio2sustain met a corporate member of the Fenway Alliance at the TEDxNewBedford event where we installed “Collaborative Innovation” – an inter-active exhibit (see below). The Fenway Alliance team, lead by Executive Director Kelly Brilliant, hired studio2sustain to develop an inter-active exhibit for TEDxFenway – the inaugural TEDx event for this significant Cultural District of the Fenway.

ecology – community – build – collaborate – create – diversity – connect – reflect
Using word art, sculpture bars, banners and video bumpers we celebrated the creative and interdisciplinary community of the Fenway, inviting participants to contribute to the Fenway District Sculpture Map and Memorial match-book wall-art for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. studio2sustain orchestrated the building of the 3-D representation of the “Ecology of a Great Community” TEDxFenway day! Participants built sculpture models that celebrated renewable energy solutions and creative ideas for sustainable communities.