TEDx New Bedford

“Collaborative Innovation” was an inter-active exhibit of the TEDxNewBedford inaugural event at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. studio2sustain created a “New Bedford Bar” where participants created models of renewable energy sculptures and located these constructions within the city-map of our port city. Studio2sustain created an event for the “space in between” the event where participants connected to each other, to the city of New Bedford and to the experience of being innovators.

create – iterate – innovate
…renewable energy sculptures to stimulate interest in environmental stewardship, creativity and sustainable living. Experience Art and the iterative design process, and the feeling of being an innovator.

diversity – authenticity – synergy
…each and every individual has a role to play. studio2sustain challenges you to find yourselves and each other in the sculpture build process. Experience the diversity, authenticity and ultimate synergy of the process and the sculptures.

engage – experience – empower
…touch the process, be empowered by your creativity, and experience the thrill of engaging with others.

collaborate – relate – connect
…renewable energy sculptures express culture, artistry and purpose. The heritage of our port city of New Bedford is global – we lighted the world with our whale oil. Today, experience the global vision of a new mission to connect, collaborate, and integrate with one another.

“Presented a challenging topic, students learn to organize themselves to find plausible solutions using limited materials within a short time. Participants discover and practice their skills to work within “real-world” constraints to create effective designs solving complex problems. They are learning the cooperation and adaptability required to be effective contributors to 21st century society.” – John Magnan, Sculptor